Blogging one week on

It’s been just over a week since I started this blog. Even in a week I feel like it’s got easier to write posts. I feel under less pressure to write something good, instead I feel free to write about what I want.

The thing I’ve enjoyed most about my blog is choosing the photos to use at the top of each post. I have a varied collection of photos so it’s not too difficult. It’s nice to have a use for my photos, they’re not the most important part of this blog however they make it feel more personal and add another splash of interest.

To be quite honest, I know nobody has actually read most of the things I’ve written about so far. That doesn’t worry me that much, it takes time to pick up a readership (I haven’t publicised this blog anywhere) and I know that posts from my old blog are still being read a whole 7 years on!

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