Road running to recovery

I went out for a 9 mile run this evening with my local running club. Foolishly, I started out at the same pace as the fastest guys (whom I usually keep up with) and my leg still isn’t fully recovered. After about 5 miles I could feel my left leg starting to cramp up so I had to lay off the pace. I then had a leisurely jog back home.

It’s my aim to get back to my original level of fitness by the end of November so I’ve been on a fairly intensive exercise regime. I’ve tried to go out running 3 times a week, swim twice a week and a long walk at the weekend. It seems to be working, a month ago I couldn’t really jog at all. 3 weeks ago I was right at the back of the running group, having to walk some of the session. From my run this evening I can see that I’m almost managing to keep up with the fast group. Another two weeks doing this amount of training and I should be right back up there.

Perhaps also foolishly, I’ve entered next year’s Paris Marathon. The marathon website tells me I’ve got 135 days to go (it’s in April). 135 days sounds like a lot however 20 weeks doesn’t sound as much. I’d like to start on a proper marathon training schedule in December.

Marathon training is tough especially when you’re as competitive as I am! I’ve never ran under 3 hours in a marathon (3:01 is my best time) so my aim is to break that elusive 3 hour mark. I know that means a lot of running between now and April. I will probably need to dedicate about 10 hours each week to training and up my mileage to at least 50 miles each week.

It’s a good target to aim for and it’s been good motivation to get me out of my flat when it’s dark and wet.

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