Training Schedule

I’m starting to get back to fitness. I’m able to run at a moderate pace for 10 miles but I’m still lacking my old strength and endurance. I need a proper training schedule to ensure I’m going to be ready for my marathon in just 4 months time.

Here’s what my schedule looks like:

Monday: Swimming for 1 hour, running every day is not a good idea and a swim is great for stretching and endurance.

Tuesday: Reps run with Worthing Harriers, this is typically hills, fartleks or some other sort of reps session.

Wednesday: Rest day, I will probably use this for a shorter run as I get into 2016. Use Wednesday to do strength work at home working on the core and upper body.

Thursday: Moderately long run with Worthing Harriers, this is typically a 8-11 mile run around the streets of Worthing.

Friday: Long afternoon run if possible, I get the afternoon off work on a Friday so I need to try and use the light in the afternoon to go for a run going into the countryside.

Saturday: Race (if there is one) otherwise short tempo run. Need to run 10+ miles at race pace starting around 8 minute miling upping to 6:30 miling by March time.

Sunday: Morning long run with Worthing Harriers, I need to start around 12 miles, upping this to 20+ miles in March.

That’s my plan and I will try to stick to it as close as possible from now on (eek).

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