A new blog

This is a new blog and a new challenge. Many years ago, and it really was a long time ago, I kept a somewhat regular blog. It covered technical articles about programming, things going on in my life, my side projects and a mix of other things. With my first blog I tried to post a couple of times a week, that lasted about a month. In the end I managed to blog at least once a month for a whole year and then I stopped.

And now I’ve started again. This time I’m setting myself the challenge of posting something every single day. That’s actually quite a big commitment; I enjoy writing but I’m a slow writer. I can easily take an hour writing just a few paragraphs. To make my challenge a bit easier I’ve decided that my posts each day don’t necessarily have to be writing, they can be photography, recipes, interesting things I’ve found online. It just has to be something interesting.

There’s two purposes to this blog. Firstly, I want to improve my writing. The more I write, the better I’ll get (hopefully).

Secondly, I want to write about interesting things: things that interest me and things that could be of interest to others. A few of the posts on my old blog still get hits, other people still get something out of the stuff I wrote. And the posts which no one reads any more are still interesting to me, they’re a record of my life and what interested me back then. I hope that by forcing myself to write, I’ll go out and find interesting things to write about.

So this is the first of many posts and hopefully one of the least interesting! Feel free to leave civil comments, I appreciate feedback of any kind.

P.S. All the photos used on this blog are my own (unless I say otherwise) and you are welcome to use them in any way you wish!